Walking: A Cautionary Tale

Earlier this week, John and I went for dinner at a friends’ house (Joe and Taylor, who work at YMI with John and I).

The evening started innocuously enough. I played with their 6 month old son before he went down for his nap, the four adults ate dinner, played a game, and then decided to eat dessert.

While waiting for dessert to be served up, I pulled out my phone and showed Taylor some cute pictures of my nephew. Then, Joe asked how much ice cream I would like. I walked over to him and indicated how much I wanted, then took the bowl and turned to walk into their den/ bonus room.

I, being the genius that I am, continued to look at something on my phone (I honestly don’t remember what, the following events eclipsed that particular memory in my mind) as I walked to the next room.

Then, I took a step, and my foot started falling through the air.

I remember thinking, “Oh crap,” as I landed hard on the outside of my left foot. My whole weight came crashing down on my foot and I heard something crack. There was a step between their kitchen and the next room that I had completely missed.

I sat on the floor, thoroughly embarrassed, and a little scared about what I’d done to myself.

To their credit, neither John, nor Joseph, nor Taylor burst out laughing at me. They all responded to my tumble with concern and grace.

The next morning, when the entire top of my foot had turned purple, John took me to the urgent care at Group Health. After hobbling around the facility, getting pushed in a wheelchair up to x-rays, and back down, the doctor informed me that I fractured the bone on the outside of my foot. I was fitted with a walking boot and pair of crutches.


I have a follow-up appointment on Monday where I’ll find out more about how long I’ll be in the boot and what else I need to do to heal properly.

Moral of the story: I really can’t multitask.

Getting around the past day and a half has been a challenge, but I’m starting to get the hang of the gimp lifestyle and my foot is healing. I can limp around in my boot without too much pain which was not possible yesterday.

Prayers are appreciated as John is going to winter camp with our church’s high school youth group this weekend and I’ll be at home without him.