Yes, I remember this blog exists

I just never post on it. :) and I make no promises that I will start posting regularly now. But I have another confession to make:

I have been hating everyone who uses Instagram.

Yep, out of pure jealousy. I think instagram is such a cool app. I thought it was awesome back when it was exclusively an apple app. Then, they developed for android and I almost jumped out of my skin, lunging for my phone to install it.

But I forgot one thing: my phone was, while a smartphone, old. It wasn’t compatible with the app of my dreams. (No really, I think I dreamt about it.)

My phone was a huge blessing. I was able to get it from a friend at a sharply discounted cost and it trucked along pretty well for me. It was past its prime and I really needed a new one.

The complication was this: I had an unlimited data plan that I would lose if I used my free upgrade from Verizon. So, I needed to buy my next phone ou tright. Buying a phone out right without a contract is hideously expensive. Like really, go look at Verizon’s website for the prices (the ones that are crossed out, that’s what I’d have to pay). I’ll wait……….. See what I mean?? So I put off getting a phone for two… years.

Then another blessing happened. Another friend of my had a smartphone lying around and said I could just have it! Praise the Lord!

So now, I can stop hating all you Instagram users because I now have an account! You can even follow me at @_laura.rose_.

Here are some of my pics :)! :)