Yes, I remember this blog exists

I just never post on it. :) and I make no promises that I will start posting regularly now. But I have another confession to make:

I have been hating everyone who uses Instagram.

Yep, out of pure jealousy. I think instagram is such a cool app. I thought it was awesome back when it was exclusively an apple app. Then, they developed for android and I almost jumped out of my skin, lunging for my phone to install it.

But I forgot one thing: my phone was, while a smartphone, old. It wasn’t compatible with the app of my dreams. (No really, I think I dreamt about it.)

My phone was a huge blessing. I was able to get it from a friend at a sharply discounted cost and it trucked along pretty well for me. It was past its prime and I really needed a new one.

The complication was this: I had an unlimited data plan that I would lose if I used my free upgrade from Verizon. So, I needed to buy my next phone ou tright. Buying a phone out right without a contract is hideously expensive. Like really, go look at Verizon’s website for the prices (the ones that are crossed out, that’s what I’d have to pay). I’ll wait……….. See what I mean?? So I put off getting a phone for two… years.

Then another blessing happened. Another friend of my had a smartphone lying around and said I could just have it! Praise the Lord!

So now, I can stop hating all you Instagram users because I now have an account! You can even follow me at @_laura.rose_.

Here are some of my pics :)! :)


Confession #4: I want to be a hipster.

Psst… This is part of a series: Part 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here.

Confession #4: I am such a hipster wannabe.

I am not this person.

It’s true. I wish I were hipster. They look so cool, drinking their soy lattes from independent coffee stores as they blog about taking down the establishment on their MacBook Pros… And despite the fact that I bought a pair of Toms for my birthday this year, I still fall woefully short of true hipster standards.

I’d love to think of myself as edgy, artsy, and intellectual. Sadly, I have a few things holding me back from embracing true hipster-ness.

I present the evidence:

1. If I wear thick-rimmed glasses, it’s because I actually need them. And the glasses I have are not big enough to overwhelm my face in true hipster fashion.

2. I don’t own a nice SLR camera with removable lenses. And I dislike traditional camera film. I think digital cameras are amazing.

3. I still love American Eagle. I can try to claim ironic preppiness, but let’s be honest, who is going to buy that? There is nothing ironic about my love of good old AE (that’s right, we’re so tight, I use a nickname for it).

4. I’ve never gotten the scarf thing down. When I wear a scarf it’s made of wool, its from Ireland and my sister got it for me. It’s not a light, plaid thing that I wrap around a t-shirt.

5. I do not own ANY Apple products. My music player is a Zune. My computer is a Dell that has a broken battery, so it only works when plugged into the wall. And my work computer is a Lenovo. My phone is some HTC Android phone that ramdomly decides to turn itself off and back on.

6. I’ve never shopped at Whole Foods or Urban Outfitters. And thrift stores hate me.

The situation appears hopeless, but maybe, just maybe despite these hindrances, I will one day be able to join the movement.

How about you? Do you consider yourself hipster? or are you so hipster that you’re above such an establishment thing as the label of hipster?

Let me know in the comments!

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I’m awkward.

Awkward Corset illustration

I am a seriously awkward person if you are meeting me for the first time. It’s something that I’m working on: Making better first impressions. But I have totally failed on the streets of Tacoma…

A while ago, I was walking to the office from my car, rolling my suitcase behind me. Why I had my suitcase, I don’t remember, but I definitely felt ridiculous  rolling  bumping it along the uneven sidewalk.

A guy working on the roof of the house yelled down to me, “You brought your own tools and everything! Well, let’s get to work!” Followed by a good-natured laugh.

I found this comment genuinely witty and funny. But what did I say?

“Uh…er…no…this isn’t…I mean…” Which I then attempted to save with a half smile and walking out of eyesight.


ASL for Awkward.

Then, a few days ago, I was walking up the hill from the office (no awkward luggage this time) and walked past a table on the sidewalk. The table had a red silk tablecloth, and 6 fine-china place settings complete with gold-rimmed wine glasses. Now, this table was in front of a business called, “Trendy Event Rentals,” so it isn’t the oddest thing in the world.

But I was staring at the table, when a lady in a car drove past and said to me, “Ready to eat dinner?” and chuckled. Now this comment made me smile, genuinely amused by her comment.

But, what did I say, “Um…I don’t… eh…” Then the light changed and she drove away.


So, if you run into me on the street and you say something witty, funny or amusing to me, expect some stammering and tongue-tied muttering from me. But, know that I did find your comment amusing!

Confession #3

It’s Time! Another entry into my Confession series. You can read the first post here and the second post here.

So for this confession…

I’m obsessed with TV.

Yep, there it is, the ugly truth. I watch entirely too much television. And this creeps into my interactions with people. I have a habit of relating everyday occurrences to something I watched in a show… John and I frequently have this conversation:

John: (Interesting story about his day)

Rose: Oh, that reminds me of…

John interrupts: Is this a real story or a tv show?

Rose: silence.

John: That’s what I thought.

Now, John and I don’t actually have cable and we aren’t planning on getting cable for a very long time, so the way I watch TV is on Hulu.

But, right now, John and I don’t have internet in our apartment, so that makes it super difficult to stay caught up on my series (I’m limited to 1 hour-long show or 2 half-hour-long show each day during my lunch hour at work).

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating the whole obsessed thing? Well, for any skeptics out there, here is the list, by network, of the shows I watch faithfully or semi-regularly (ie get caught up in a marathon when I’m home alone).

ABC- Castle*, Body of Proof*, The Middle*, Modern Family*, Cougar TownHappy Endings*

ABC Family- Make it or Break it, The Lying Game*, Pretty Little Liars

NBC- The Office*, Up All Night*, Parenthood*, Community*, Parks and Recreation*

USA- White Collar, Covert Affairs, Suits*, Burn Notice*, In Plain Sight, Psych, Fairly Legal

FOX- Bones, Raising Hope*, New Girl*

*= Putting new episodes online now

Yep, I am insane and watch way too much television, but before you suggest that I have counseling or do nothing but watch TV (I do have a full-time job as a missionary) keep in mind that not all the shows are on at the same time of the year, so very rarely am I trying to watch more than 7 hours of shows a week at any one time during the year (which I believe is less than half the national average of TV watched per week). Also, the shows don’t have the number of commercials online that they do on television, so an hour-long show will only be 50 minutes online and a half-hour show will only be about 25 minutes.

However, right now, I am definitely over my limit with the number of shows, so some are going to have to be cut. I’m probably going to cut Parenthood and Body of Proof. Suits and Burn Notice will end soon, and The Middle has a habit of only posting 1-3 episodes a season online. So that’s 5 shows right there, which gets me down to 9 shows or 6.5 hours of television a week.

Still, terrible, I know. That’s why this is a confession…

Confession #2

It’s time for the second installment in my Confession series!

For the first post click HERE.

So, for my second confession- I’m still afraid of the dark.

No joke. When I wake up in the middle of the night and I need to go to the bathroom, I will lay in my bed, weighing my need against my fear of getting out of bed in the dark.

I blame my imagination. I can construct a narrative of what is waiting in that dark and why it’s going to get me and how I can do nothing about it. So this is what happens in my head.

Ugh, why am I awake? Dang it, I need to go to the bathroom. But I can’t. Because that thief with nothing to lose broke into the house ten minutes ago. He heard me stirring and is now waiting outside of the door. His gun is drawn and his heart icy as he waits for me to enter the hallway. Okay, okay, no he’s not. There is NO ONE there. Get out of bed, Rose. You’ll be fine.

When I was younger, I envied my mom and older sister because nothing scared them. When I had nightmares, I could always crawl into my sister’s bed. She was always asleep and annoyed at me for being afraid. I knew that if I could just survive until I was as old as Ranelle, then I wouldn’t be scared anymore.

Lies. The fear didn’t go away.

And I married a man who can get just as freaked out as me. When we were first dating, I flew out to Minnesota to visit him and we went on walks in the evening to talk. It would get pretty dark while we were walking around campus, and we convinced ourselves that Zombies were going to attack. Of course, not really, neither of us really believed that. But we both started walking more quickly and were considerably more jumpy after talking about it.

I have become better at ignoring my irrational fears. I can steel my nerves and walk across a dark room to the light switch. I can and will get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without flipping on the bedroom light, so I don’t disturb John.

But the fear is still there. I don’t think it will ever go away.

What “childish” fears do you still have? Did you envy adults when you were a child? Is there some sort of support group I should join?

Confession Part 1

I was brainstorming ideas to blog about the other day and I thought it would be fun have a “confessions” series. So ever so often, I will post a blog where I confess something about myself! These aren’t going to be earth-shattering things, but hopefully interesting and let you know a bit more about the crazy person I tricked my John into marrying :)

So, my first confession:

I still shop almost exclusively from the same store I as I did in high school.

Yep, since 10th grade, I have been obsessed with one store. One store dominates my closet and what I am currently wearing. And that store is American Eagle.


Right now, as I type this, I am wearing socks from American Eagle, jeans from American Eagle, a tank-top from American Eagle, with a YMI shirt over top. My undergarments are from Aerie, an affiliate of American Eagle (overshare? eh, I don’t care.)

I seriously cannot get over this store. So, the story of how it started:

During 7th grade, I discovered the store Limited Too which is a girl’s clothing store. Being a tiny individual, I could buy clothes from there all through junior high. But when I hit highschool, it suddenly was not cool to shop from a kid’s store. So I went looking for a replacement on the internet.

American Eagle had, hands down, the best website at the time. That meant I could browse their clothes, send my mom links and she would take me to the store and buy those things for me. I loved it. I tried other comparable stores, but American Eagle offered consistently good quality, cute styles, and cuts that were flattering on me. I worried about being too “preppy,” but then just learned to embrace it. I like stripes, denim, and polo shirts, okay? :)

And I haven’t moved on.You think that 7 years later, I would have diversified my wardrobe, but nope. I like other stores like Anthropologie, Fossil, even department stores, but they are either significantly more expensive or have iffy quality.

So, my love affair with American Eagle continues. The good news is that I have so many clothes from so many different collections and an aversion to wearing anything with a huge splashy logo, so most people don’t recognize the singularity of my wardrobe. Though after reading this, you won’t be able to feign ignorance anymore.

I’ll keep you updated if I start breaking out of my shell…

Current American Eagle wish list? Here it is! (If you click on an image it’ll take you to that product on AE’s website.)

And no, American Eagle did not sponsor this post or give me any perks for writing this. But they should. I’m their walking advertisement!