Whidbey Island

This past week, John and I went on vacation! We rented a house with my sister, Ranelle and her husband, Brian, and my wonderful nephew, Jacob. We spent a lot of  time relaxing and then exploring the island. The weather was sunny and warm which encouraged us to spend some time outside.

One day, we went to the North Cascades. We drove up to the view of Diablo Lake. The blue sky and green water created a stunning landscape. I enjoyed looking out on the lake, and talking with my husband about the amazing beauty.

I also got to hang out with this lovely family. Jacob had to stay far from the edge, but he enjoyed standing on a rock and looking out at the mountains.

Another day, we went to Fort Casey State Park. The boys played soccer for a bit. Jacob was so excited to get out of the car that he and I went running across the field while his dad and Uncle John got out the soccer equipment.

Always the little soccer coach, Jacob had to set out the cones in a line… and then completely ignored them while he kicked the soccer ball as high up into the air as he could.

While the boys played soccer, Ranelle and I watched and talked. We talked about life and what we’re both learning about ourselves and God during this time. It was awesome to have time to really talk about our lives. I’m so blessed to be so close with my sister. We think very similarly and get along super well.

Then we walked down to the water with the paparazzi (aka Ranelle) snapping away. Man, we can’t go anywhere without people taking pictures of us :)

Well, I guess I can’t blame people. I did marry quite the looker.Jacob’s favorite thing to do is throw rocks in the water. Especially with his daddy watching.

I love this picture of John and I. I think it shows how much we enjoy each other.
Look at that Jacob’s concentration in this picture… Ranelle and I wrote in the sand for a while to distract Jacob from throwing boulders into the ocean.We couldn’t get a full group picture, but here’s the group sans Ranelle.
And then, another day at the beach, Jacob and I stood on the sandiest part of the beach we could find and let the water hit us. Jacob loved it. He didn’t really want to leave. We were both very sandy and salty. I explained to Jake that his legs were itching because of the salt in the water.

It was a great week and John and I feel so refreshed after our week off. Now we are so excited to keep our ministry going for the 2012-2013 ministry year!

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