White Puff Poms

This post easily happened a year ago. But, oh well. I’m posting it now!

Ranelle and I had a crafting night. We made white pom-poms from Martha Stewart. We decided that the kit was WAY easier than attempting to make these on our own. Tissue paper can be a finicky medium to work with.

(click on a picture, it’ll bring up a sweet way to view them on your screen!)

They are pretty simple. You just fan fold the papers, wrap wire around the middle, and puff! The puffing does take a bit to get used to, since the tissue paper is pretty easy to rip. (I ripped a couple… but you can just hide it. I mean, no one is going to study the pom to see the torn edge.)

We used these particular poms for my Pampered Chef wedding shower. And then we saved them, by storing them on top of Ranelle’s kitchen cabinets, to use at my wedding! They were supplemented by the lovely poms I got from BHLDN that I wrote about here.

Oh, and I know why I never posted this. I couldn’t get that picture of my sister to not be sideways. Super frustrating.

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