I’m awkward.

Awkward Corset illustration

I am a seriously awkward person if you are meeting me for the first time. It’s something that I’m working on: Making better first impressions. But I have totally failed on the streets of Tacoma…

A while ago, I was walking to the office from my car, rolling my suitcase behind me. Why I had my suitcase, I don’t remember, but I definitely felt ridiculous  rolling  bumping it along the uneven sidewalk.

A guy working on the roof of the house yelled down to me, “You brought your own tools and everything! Well, let’s get to work!” Followed by a good-natured laugh.

I found this comment genuinely witty and funny. But what did I say?

“Uh…er…no…this isn’t…I mean…” Which I then attempted to save with a half smile and walking out of eyesight.


ASL for Awkward.

Then, a few days ago, I was walking up the hill from the office (no awkward luggage this time) and walked past a table on the sidewalk. The table had a red silk tablecloth, and 6 fine-china place settings complete with gold-rimmed wine glasses. Now, this table was in front of a business called, “Trendy Event Rentals,” so it isn’t the oddest thing in the world.

But I was staring at the table, when a lady in a car drove past and said to me, “Ready to eat dinner?” and chuckled. Now this comment made me smile, genuinely amused by her comment.

But, what did I say, “Um…I don’t… eh…” Then the light changed and she drove away.


So, if you run into me on the street and you say something witty, funny or amusing to me, expect some stammering and tongue-tied muttering from me. But, know that I did find your comment amusing!

4 thoughts on “I’m awkward.

  1. I feel your pain. I’m worse. I’m often standing there trying to figure out what someone is talking about and don’t get to the internal smile/chuckle until 10 minutes later. Isn’t it great that there are people who love us anyway?

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