My nephew is adorable…

I got to watch my nephew a couple of weeks ago and took him to play at the park. I love this kid so much…

While we were at the park, Jacob paused in his general running around like a crazy boy and said, “Yellow Card…” while staring across into the field. I followed his gaze and spotted a dad wrestling with his three sons.

Jacob is obsessed with soccer, so pushing, hitting, biting, and other rough play is deemed worthy of a “Yellow card” by him.  I was proud of him recognizing the danger of such behavior when Jacob said, “I want yellow card!” and took off running into the field.

Panicked, I took off after him,convinced that he was planning on throwing himself into the wrestling of this dad and his boys.

“Jacob!” I screeched at a pitch generally only dogs can hear (Sidenote- when Jacob mimics me, he speaks higher than normal. That’s right, my voice is more high-pitched than a two-year-old’s.)

To my excitement, Jacob stopped running once I caught him in the field. Then he through himself into my shins while yelling, “Yellow Card!”

And that is why little boys need a dad.

Here’s some pics of the rest of our time at the park:

His favorite activity is going down the slide!!

He also likes climbing up the “rock” wall. Here he is at the top! And totally not looking at me… Probably distracted by that dad and his sons again. (Just kidding, the field is totally behind him.)

And he got a stud-looking hair cut!!

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