Confession #3

It’s Time! Another entry into my Confession series. You can read the first post here and the second post here.

So for this confession…

I’m obsessed with TV.

Yep, there it is, the ugly truth. I watch entirely too much television. And this creeps into my interactions with people. I have a habit of relating everyday occurrences to something I watched in a show… John and I frequently have this conversation:

John: (Interesting story about his day)

Rose: Oh, that reminds me of…

John interrupts: Is this a real story or a tv show?

Rose: silence.

John: That’s what I thought.

Now, John and I don’t actually have cable and we aren’t planning on getting cable for a very long time, so the way I watch TV is on Hulu.

But, right now, John and I don’t have internet in our apartment, so that makes it super difficult to stay caught up on my series (I’m limited to 1 hour-long show or 2 half-hour-long show each day during my lunch hour at work).

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating the whole obsessed thing? Well, for any skeptics out there, here is the list, by network, of the shows I watch faithfully or semi-regularly (ie get caught up in a marathon when I’m home alone).

ABC- Castle*, Body of Proof*, The Middle*, Modern Family*, Cougar TownHappy Endings*

ABC Family- Make it or Break it, The Lying Game*, Pretty Little Liars

NBC- The Office*, Up All Night*, Parenthood*, Community*, Parks and Recreation*

USA- White Collar, Covert Affairs, Suits*, Burn Notice*, In Plain Sight, Psych, Fairly Legal

FOX- Bones, Raising Hope*, New Girl*

*= Putting new episodes online now

Yep, I am insane and watch way too much television, but before you suggest that I have counseling or do nothing but watch TV (I do have a full-time job as a missionary) keep in mind that not all the shows are on at the same time of the year, so very rarely am I trying to watch more than 7 hours of shows a week at any one time during the year (which I believe is less than half the national average of TV watched per week). Also, the shows don’t have the number of commercials online that they do on television, so an hour-long show will only be 50 minutes online and a half-hour show will only be about 25 minutes.

However, right now, I am definitely over my limit with the number of shows, so some are going to have to be cut. I’m probably going to cut Parenthood and Body of Proof. Suits and Burn Notice will end soon, and The Middle has a habit of only posting 1-3 episodes a season online. So that’s 5 shows right there, which gets me down to 9 shows or 6.5 hours of television a week.

Still, terrible, I know. That’s why this is a confession…

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