Yay! More Wedding Pictures!

It’s true! Earlier this week, I received an email from John Yao with the news that our wedding preview was expanded! I know I said in an earlier post that our photos wouldn’t be available until October, but once again John Yao has outdone himself.  In his own words this means:

1. Your photos are very close to shipping
2. Your highlights can be viewed at: http://simplytwo.com/061811/wedding/
3. I see an epic blog post coming soon


John Yao

Yay! There are about 40 more pics to ogle over because John Yao’s photography is incredible and he had some pretty attractive people to photograph (my wedding party was hot :P ). Please enjoy the photos!

Note- For those of you (which I think there might be one or two) who found my blog by searching “travel theme wedding,” you will find in this preview some pics of the details that I (and all the lovely people who supported me) worked so hard on! They are near the end, so if you don’t know me, just skip past the beginning pics. I hope they inspire you as you plan your own wedding!

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