Feeding an obsession…

So, one of my greatest strengths (and therefore faults) is my ability to obsess over things… My obsessions are random, fairly harmless and generally have to do with something online. I obsess over blog views for example, and comments/ likes on YMI’s Facebook page that I run.

But I have currently fell victim to a new obsession. It’s consuming my time and a lot of my energy.


I am totally obsessed with winning a grant of $50k from Giving of Life for Youth Missions International. In order to win the grant, we have to be in the top ten ministries. Currently, the ministry in tenth place has 900 votes. So we need 901. We have 522. We’re in 26th place. We need 75 more votes to take 25th place. If we get to 650 votes, we’ll make it into the top twenty. Yeah, I know the numbers.

I have our website on my phone and computer as a bookmark. I check it fifteen times a day. Anyone standing near me gets to hear about our count. Like I said, I’m obsessed. If you have looked at my Facebook page recently, you probably have the number of times that I have posted about it… And on the YMI page… And on the YMI alumni group page… And if anyone else posts about it, I “like” it.

So if you want to make my day, go to givingoflife.com, click the link in the right hand corner that says “Register for More Votes” to register with the site (they won’t spam you, I pinky promise) and vote for us three times!! Then you can click the link that says “Get More” in the right hand corner.  That will take you to a page where you can link your Facebook and twitter to the account and gain two more votes!

After you vote, I will check it literally two minutes later, scream, do a happy dance, and tell the person nearest to me about how excited I am. Seriously, I freak out at every vote. I am a major nerd. You will really make my day.

Then, you should sign out, and make an account with your school email, your work email, that old hotmail account you forgot about, and a new email you just made so you could vote again. You can connect EACH account to your same facebook and twitter identity.

I am also systematically asking my Facebook friends to vote on the site, so if you are Facebook friends with me and you do vote, let me know. Or you will be getting a message… :) Like I said, I am totally obsessed. Please don’t mind me, the deranged woman hitting refresh on her computer over and over… It’s for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I swear I’ll get help with this after November 4th. That’s when the contest ends.

And here’s that link again… Please feed my obsession by voting. YMI’s GIVING OF LIFE PAGE.

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