ORB we having fun yet?

Ranelle and I have recently found a new addiction: reading the home improvement blog: YoungHouseLove.

John and Sherry are a young couple who blog about updating their house. One of the recent entries found here involves Sherry spray painting their door hardware with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Ranelle was inspired by this project, so we set out to try it ourselves. We discussed tackling door handles, then scaled down our aspirations to the small gold knobs on the accordion doors hiding the washer/dryer in her kitchen.

So Ranelle went and bought the oil rubbed bronze (ORB) spray paint and liquid deglosser, as per the Young House Love directions.

When I got to Ranelle’s house, she had decided that the curtain rod from her bedroom would be the best thing to start with, which made a lot of sense because 1. It wouldn’t mismatch one set of anything to everything else, like the painting the knobs would (every other door knob downstairs is the same gold). And 2. If the project went bad, no one is going to be examining the curtain rod in Ranelle’s bedroom, except Ranelle that is.

So I agreed with her reasoning and we took down the curtain rod from her room here:

We didn’t take a picture of the curtain rod before we removed it (notice the curtains draped across the arm chair)… Clearly we are novices at this blogging about home improvement thing.

But we decided painting the curtain rod would make it match the other fixtures in the room such as:

The frames on either side of the window, the lamp, Ranelle’s mirror over her dresser, and her bed frame which all have a black/ dark black-brown finish.

So, we started by getting a large piece of cardboard out of the recycling container and using the liquid deglosser on the rod and holders. We poked the screws through the cardboard to protect the threads and evenly get the heads of them.

After the deglosser dried, Ranelle read the directions on the spray can and accordingly shook the can for a full minute before each use. And she looked pretty fabulous doing it too :)

So then, Ranelle sprayed the rod…

Notice the cereal box wall? Shortly after the first spray attempt, Ranelle and I realized that spray paint goes EVERYWHERE. So, we set up a wall to block the stray paint from getting on the cars in the garage. I grabbed some cereal boxes from the recycling and put two stones from Ranelle’s yard to anchor them. They protected the cement a lot, but we still ended up leaving a faint line of ORB paint on the driveway, so the next project we tackle will be painted in the alleyway behind Ranelle’s house.

But the rod ended up looking like this:

The color really doesn’t translate well to film, as noted by Sherry at Young House Love. It is a sparkly, multi-dimensional, brown loveliness. Ranelle and I are both very pleased with the color!!

And here’s me, your lovely photographer throughout the process:

The rod needs to dry overnight, so I have no pictures of it being put back up in the room yet, but I’ll try to update this post with pictures of the finished product once it is done!

UPDATE:: Here are some pictures of the finished product!

Oh, and why was I at Ranelle’s in the first place? My lovely husband dragged me from my bed at 6:10 AM on a Saturday in order to watch a Liverpool game.

Cute, but troublemakers. All of them.

4 thoughts on “ORB we having fun yet?

  1. LOL! This is so much fun!! We actually did this right away when we moved in – but different. All our door hardware was GOLD so we painted it all white with appliance epoxy. :) Worked great!!! :) You guys are cute!!

    • Thanks Gina! Yeah, we had a lot of fun with our project! :) That’s cool that you had a similar project. I didn’t even know that it was possible to paint all these things!

  2. Poor Jacob looks like he’d much rather be asleep. The guys all look so cute in their matching jerseys. In my opinion, you and Ranelle had WAY more fun!

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