Why I love attending Sounder’s games…

Thanks to the generosity (and busy schedule :D) of my brother-in-law and sister, John and I have been able to attend two Sounders matches recently!

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The first game was versus the Rapids and we won 4-2! Thus giving me the free haircut discussed here.

The second game was versus San Francisco from Panama. At the end of regular time, we were winning 1-0, but our aggregate score was tied since we lost to them 0-1 in Panama. (John gave me a briefing on how it was going to work on the way to the game.)

So we went into overtime, which was two 15- minute halves. And we scored in the first half, then kept Panama from scoring for the rest of overtime, giving us the victory and letting us enter Champion’s League play.

I love going to Sounder’s games. The cheers from the ECS, the music from Sound Wave, the screaming at the refs when they make bad calls and the celebration of a goal… It all adds up to a really amazing experience. Despite paying minimal attention to soccer when I’m not at a game, I get really into the games when I’m there. I have John to explain the background of each game to me, so I have a really good idea about what is going on. The only downer about games is that the referee always makes some pretty terrible calls. I hope the reffing, especially in MLS games will improve as the league raises its level of play.

When I got home from the match last night, I discovered that my friend, Sara, had been at the game, in the same section as John and I! We didn’t get to meet up at all because I didn’t check my phone during the game which is remarkably not like me. Since our YMI teams are off the field, I don’t have to be glued to my phone and I’m enjoying the freedom! However, next game, I’ll make sure to check my phone.

Until then, Go Sounders!

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