Confession Part 1

I was brainstorming ideas to blog about the other day and I thought it would be fun have a “confessions” series. So ever so often, I will post a blog where I confess something about myself! These aren’t going to be earth-shattering things, but hopefully interesting and let you know a bit more about the crazy person I tricked my John into marrying :)

So, my first confession:

I still shop almost exclusively from the same store I as I did in high school.

Yep, since 10th grade, I have been obsessed with one store. One store dominates my closet and what I am currently wearing. And that store is American Eagle.


Right now, as I type this, I am wearing socks from American Eagle, jeans from American Eagle, a tank-top from American Eagle, with a YMI shirt over top. My undergarments are from Aerie, an affiliate of American Eagle (overshare? eh, I don’t care.)

I seriously cannot get over this store. So, the story of how it started:

During 7th grade, I discovered the store Limited Too which is a girl’s clothing store. Being a tiny individual, I could buy clothes from there all through junior high. But when I hit highschool, it suddenly was not cool to shop from a kid’s store. So I went looking for a replacement on the internet.

American Eagle had, hands down, the best website at the time. That meant I could browse their clothes, send my mom links and she would take me to the store and buy those things for me. I loved it. I tried other comparable stores, but American Eagle offered consistently good quality, cute styles, and cuts that were flattering on me. I worried about being too “preppy,” but then just learned to embrace it. I like stripes, denim, and polo shirts, okay? :)

And I haven’t moved on.You think that 7 years later, I would have diversified my wardrobe, but nope. I like other stores like Anthropologie, Fossil, even department stores, but they are either significantly more expensive or have iffy quality.

So, my love affair with American Eagle continues. The good news is that I have so many clothes from so many different collections and an aversion to wearing anything with a huge splashy logo, so most people don’t recognize the singularity of my wardrobe. Though after reading this, you won’t be able to feign ignorance anymore.

I’ll keep you updated if I start breaking out of my shell…

Current American Eagle wish list? Here it is! (If you click on an image it’ll take you to that product on AE’s website.)

And no, American Eagle did not sponsor this post or give me any perks for writing this. But they should. I’m their walking advertisement!

10 thoughts on “Confession Part 1

  1. Oh! I hadn’t see the striped scoop T-shirt yet! You forgot to mention how your one store obsession has spread a bit to others as well ;)

    • I should have mentioned that! I am pretty good at roping others into my obsessions. Did you notice that the cardigan is one that you own? Now that I’m not living with you I can’t steal it! :( haha

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