How to change your name…

So I love being married! But I am still in the midst of the torture that is changing my name legally…

My main annoyance is that there is no how to that includes everything! You have to go to each government department’s webpage and figure out how they want to you to do it. King County actually has a nice summary on their page here. But, if you are from Washington and live near Tacoma, you can follow my recommendations! I’m going to give you the skinny on how to change your name.

Step 1- Go to the Pierce County Auditor’s office and pay $6 for 2 certified copies of your marriage certificate (easily the least painful part of the process). They are quick! And the lady recommended to not waste money on an un-certified copy of your license. You can just make your own copy of the certified one if you would like one.

Step 2- If you own a car and remember to bring your vehicle’s registration, you can walk back to the beginning of the line and get a new number to change the name on your Vehicle’s registration. If you remember your vehicle’s registration. I did not when John and I went to the Auditor’s office. I am so annoyed about this because now we have to go back… but it hopefully won’t be too bad. They are efficient and helpful.

Step 3- Go to the DMV. Make sure you have a good 4 hours to sit around because they are SO SLOW. I would recommend bringing something to entertain yourself and release stress because at the end of sitting around for forever in frustration, you will have to get your picture taken. Gross. But getting the new name on your license only costs $10 and you can update your address at this time too for no additional cost. You just show them the marriage license and tell them what name you would like on your license.

Step 4- Go to your local social security office with this form filled out and your certified marriage certificate. Then your name will be changed on the social security card. You’ll need to tell your employer after this step about your name change, so they can change your name on payroll. I still haven’t done this… the DMV took WAY TOO LONG. But I’m pretty sure this step won’t cost me any money! Yay!

Step 5- If you have a passport, this will be by far the most costly step of changing your name. You have to fill out this form and mail it in with your current passport, a new passport picture, a certified copy of your marriage certificate and a check for $140 to the State Department.

Step 6- Call all doctors, banks, dentists, insurance companies, etc and notify them of your name change. And I also have to sign my lease for my apartment again. Awesome.

So, there it is. I have only completed 2 of the 6 steps, but there is no time limit on changing your name, so that’s a good thing. But having one name on one thing and not anything else is probably not the best. Eventually, I will get this figured out!

3 thoughts on “How to change your name…

  1. difficult, yes it was! i still haven’t changed my name for SPU. Finally got around to changing it on our mortgage! lol! Just remember – changing your name on your driver’s license does _not_ change the expiration date. or at least it didn’t when i changed my name…but i thought it did…and then it expired…whops! :) good luck! you are almost there!

    • Yeah! I realized that about the license and thought that was dumb. I mean, I had to pay for a new one and they took my picture! you think that would count for renewal, but no.

  2. Hilarious! You should write a book with this info, because every women who changes her name seriously needs a manual for doing so!!!

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