Lunchtime Revealing!

I’m taking my lunch from work at YMI. and I’ve decided that now is a great time to reveal this to the internet world:

Having long hair drives me crazy. Super crazy. I’m not a particularly detailed person, and so paying attention to my ridiculous hair all the time was too much for me.

I would get it in things. My food. Paint. My tea. And I would hardly ever take the time to do anything with it, so it was always pulled back in a bun which defeats the purpose of having long hair anyway.

So, on Saturday, John and I went to a Sounder’s game. Notice, my hair is pulled back…


We thoroughly enjoyed the game ESPECIALLY since the Sounders won 4-3 over Colorado!!

Now, the Sounders have this promotion with Great Clips that if the team score 3 goals, everyone in the stadium wins a free haircut. FREE. That’s exactly the price that the missionaries, John and I, want to pay for a haircut :)

So, on Sunday, I got my hair cut. Not trimmed, but chopped off. Let me show you…



This was taken with my webcam on my computer, so sorry for the grainy-ness.

As John repeated three or four times after he saw it, it’s really short. But I’m excited about it’s shortness! And John approved the change almost instantly (which did make me wonder about what he thought about my hair before… I’m seriously such a girl sometimes). I’ve received positive reviews so far, so that’s good. And now, I won’t have to get my hair cut for a very long time! I know, you’re supposed to get your hair trimmed fairly often to keep it healthy… but I won’t HAVE to get it cut for quite a while! I’m happy with my new look.

Oh, and since I have so much less hair to deal with, I actually did my hair today! See?

It’s called a waterfall braid :) I learned how to do it via youtube tutorials.

Until my next random update, may God bless you.





3 thoughts on “Lunchtime Revealing!

  1. Rose, I liked your hair before – the color and texture are super – but I also like it now. Approving of a change doesn’t necessarily mean that the old wasn’t any good – just different. Your new look is cute – and much easier to take care of – uses less shampoo and conditioner too! Enjoy your new “do”.

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