Grand Tour of my Apartment :)

I decided to do a photo tour of my apartment since John and I have begun to get it more organized. I have some decorating ideas in progress, but here is how it looks so far!

The Living Room- still have boxes to unpack in this room-- and Gilmore Girls is on the TV!!

The mantel in our living room

The Dining "Room," actually just an extension from the living room.

Kitchen!! The most set-up room in the house

The Bathroom. Exciting, I know. But I wanted to include every room. You're lucky I didn't decide to include closets...

Our bed! With my coveted Ikea duvet cover. We have yet to get a bed frame...

Okay, story of the duvet cover… I fell in love with a duvet cover at Ikea and I really wanted it. But, Ikea doesn’t have a registry. So we found where you can add items from any store online and people can buy it for you. Key word- online. The duvet cover was not available for purchase online. So someone would have to see the duvet cover, write down exactly what I wanted, drive to Ikea, find the cover in the behemouth of a story and buy it. Conclusion? not likely to get it. But I was at Ikea with my mom buying stuff for the wedding and told her the whole sob story. She was excited to get me something special that I wasn’t going to get from anyone else and bought the cover for me :)

Okay, so I did include a closet... my half of the bedroom closet.

3 thoughts on “Grand Tour of my Apartment :)

    • haha, he didn’t want his crazy blogging obsessed wife to throw a picture of his closet up for everyone to see. :) Let’s just say his “half” is significantly smaller than mine…

  1. You two have done a GREAT job. It looks so much better than it did when I was there before you got home from Mexico. I love the story of the duvet cover. “Mom saves the day!” I can also understand why John didn’t want his half of the closet shown all over the internet if it looks anything like his closet here has looked for the last 20 years! (love you John….)

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