Uh, The Most Amazing Cake Baker Ever…

So finding a cake baker has been totally stressing me out because 1. When am I going to go meet with bakeries? My schedule is crazy! 2. I had no strong preference on the cake. What am I going to say when I even get to the bakery?

But then, I was at my lovely friend, Megan’s, bridal shower and talking to her and Jazmyn, another lovely friend, about my cake woes.

Jazmyn asked me, “Do you just want a friend to bake you a cake?”

“Maybe…” I replied.

“Hmm… Am I volunteering for this?” said Jazmyn.

Now, Jazmyn has a two-month old daughter, Constance. Baking a cake for me while caring for the baby would be pretty difficult.

Then I had an epiphany. I have a friend who loves to bake! and she’s made wedding cakes before! and if she made the cake, it would make the cake special to me since it was my by one of my best friends!!

Enter… Samantha Tonasket…

Isn’t she fabulous? I said to Jazmyn, “I have a friend who I think could do it! I’ll ask her.”

Jazmyn breathed a sigh of relief. haha.

I asked Samm the next day and she said yes!! I am so incredibly excited for her to make my cake since I’m sure it’ll be amazing, and it’ll mean so much to me since she made it :)

I talked to John about the idea (confession: after I already asked her…) and he loved the idea too. His words, “Yeah, that’ll be really cool.”  :)

Sidenote– Samm, we have no recent pictures of us together!! This is seriously a problem. Therefore, as an image of our friendship, I am using “The Famous Blanket Picture” from our junior year of high school :)

Yeah, we're babies.Yeah, we’re babies. Weren’t we cute?

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