Guest Tree

I saw this adorable idea at one of my friend’s wedding, Ellen Crawford, now Soresen. You can check out her entire beautiful wedding here.

I love the idea of having your guests contribute to a beautiful work of art that can hang in your future home after the wedding rather than a traditional guest book.

I showed my sister the idea of having our guests “leaf” their fingerprints and signatures on a guest tree. But we were both worried about the possibility of smearing and the annoyance of our guests having colored fingers all evening. And it was possible that having them go one by one would great a bottleneck to getting into the wedding. So, we found an alternate idea…

We were inspired by this vendor on Etsy: FunnySideofLife

Instead of using thumb prints, we can use paper leaves. Ranelle and I think we’re going to paint paper to keep it looking like a painting.

My lovely sister, Ranelle, sketched the tree and then we painted it together. I think it looks awesome so far!!

And here is the almost finished product!

7 thoughts on “Guest Tree

  1. I love it, I have never seen anything like this before, what a cool idea!! You can be reminded of all the wonderful friends and family that shared your special day every time you see it!! Great job :)

    • Yeah! I’m really excited about that. Because I know I would flip through my guest book ever so often, but this will be displayed every day. I’m excited : )

    • Ranelle and I are still thinking about that. One idea is to paint cardstock with water colors and get a softer look to the leaves. My mom has a variety of leaf punches, so we’re going to use those!

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