DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

My sister finished making my ring bearer pillow! It is so cute!

It was inspired by a similar pillow I found on Etsy. I would link to it, but I can’t find the original post anymore! But there are tons of other cute bird ring bearer pillows on the site :)

How it was made:

1- My sister bought 3 colors of felt: black, green and white at Joanne’s Fabric.

2. Ranelle looked up a picture of a bird online and hand drew a stencil based off of the bird.

3. Cut out and hand stitched the bird and branch onto the white felt background.

4. Ranelle busted out the sewing machine and sewed together two pieces of white felt except for about 2 inches on one side.

5. Stuff the pillow with batting!

6. Hand stitch the pillow closed and the thread into the bird’s beak.

So in conclusion, just put a bird on it! (Link goes to hilarious Hulu video. You should watch it.)

5 thoughts on “DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

  1. Yeah, busted out is a good word…it was hard to get that sewing machine down from up in the closet. Probably why it has been like 6 years since it has come down.

    I had fun crafting with you!

    • It was super fun crafting with you! haha. yeah, it takes a lot to get the machine out when it’s stored in your 18 month old son’s closet. You have to remember early! haha

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