Wedding Paper Flowers

One of my big DIY Projects is making paper flower boquets for the tables in the reception. I want to make 3-4 per table which means making 75-100 paper flowers. I’m really excited about this project though!

Here are some awesome tutorials for making paper flowers:

This one from the Wedding Chicks

This one from Ruffled

This one from Bride’s Cafe

My favorite though, is this one from Hello Leelo! or when I originally discovered it, Brickabrack.

I started the process tonight. My plan is to fold and cut the flowers starting now and then make them 3-D starting about 3 weeks before the wedding.

Step 1: Cut double-sided 12″ x 12″ paper into squares.

Step 2: Fold paper according to the tutorial.

Step 3: I like the petals to be symmetrical so I made myself a stencil petal that I then traced onto the folded piece.

Step 4: Cut out and open up!

Now I’ll store these pieces until I’m ready to start making them actual flowers and attaching them to their pipe cleaner stems! : )


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