Invitations- Design and Printing! :)

I was really excited to pick out invitations. But as I looked around, I discovered that every place had an astronomical price! Each invitation cost 3 or 4 dollars before postage and I knew that I did not want to spend that high a percentage of my budget on invitations!

So, I decided to come up with an alternate plan. Since I am the head of publications for YMI, I have some amazing design programs from Adobe. I have InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. So, I decided to try my hand at designing my own invitations.

My first invitation was inspired by Simple Elegance from Wedding Paper Divas.

And here is my version:

4×6 Invitation

But as the months passed and I got more excited about the travel theme, I wanted to redesign my wedding invitations to include a map and the vintage look.

I then found this invitation for Wedding Paper Divas:

This inspired me! So, I eventually came back up with an idea incorporating my travel theme, and an ornate vintage look, inspired by this invitation.

Also, I really like the pocketfold invitation style, where your invitation and other insert cards are put in a little folder. So, I looked up how much they cost on PaperZone. They carry a line of Envelopements with Pocket Folds®. They cost $1.70 each! I checked around, but this brand costs basically the same everywhere. With as many guests as John and I are planning on inviting, this gets expensive quickly.

Then I found this awesome website! Cards and Pockets carries its own line of Pocket Folds that cost only $.69 each! I was super excited about finding these!So, I designed a map card, direction card, website card and reply card to put in my enclosure.

For our RSVP card, John and I decided to use a postcard since we wanted to send them with postage and a postcard is cheaper (and cuter, I think ) than a mini envelope and reply card. I was partially inspired by this postcard: Oak Tree Wedding RSVP Postcard from and another that I can’t locate now!

I’m going to print the invitations with Advantage Graphics. I know that they are professional and high quality since we use them for all our YMI printing.

I’m excited to see the finished outcome once they are printed, assembled, and addressed!

: )

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