Finding the Right Photographer

When I began planning my wedding, I knew high on my list of priorities was PHOTOGRAPHY. I grew up with a mom WAY into photography, as evidenced by my highly documented life. And I knew that John and I would mostly remember our wedding day from the pictures we had of the event. Luckly for me, I knew just the person to call. Literally the first vendor we booked for our wedding was John Yao of Simply Two photography. No really, this is how it went:

  • Me: I can’t believe that we’re getting married!
  • John: Yeah, I’m really excited.
  • Me: What are you doing?
  • John: Texting John Yao to find out if he can do our wedding.
  • *phone chirps*
  • John: Oh, yep, he can.

I had the privilege of working with John Yao when he partnered with YMI to create Project Resonate, a mission to give people a vision for missions through media such as videos and photographs. You can read about our trip to Costa Rica on this blog here. He’s a amazing photographer and awesome person.

This Friday I get to pick John Yao up from the airport for John and I’s engagement session this weekend!! I’m really really excited to get some great pictures of John and I together to display at our wedding and in our home :)

You should check out John Yao’s blog to see some of his awesome work. He’s really great.

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