How I Chose a Travel Theme Reception!

In the early stages of my wedding planning, I turned to wedding blogs to inspire my own wedding. I found this site (actually the year before, but same concept): Top 100 Wedding Blogs to Follow

On this blog, there are AMAZING blogs that I quickly began to follow. My favorites are Ruffled and Style Me Pretty. As I was looking through this wide new world of wedding blogging, I ran across Green Wedding Shoes and specifically this post: Joy and Sean’s Travel Themed Wedding.

From Green Wedding ShoesBeautiful, right? Globes, maps, old keys, letters, telephones. I loved it. I thought this theme was the coolest thing. So, naturally, I talked to my sister about it!

And the more I talked about it, the more it made sense to totally copy this idea.

1. I love to travel and my fiancée does also. In fact, the first summer we were dating, I spent 4 weeks in Italy and he spent 6 weeks in Brasil!

2. We’re both missionaries with Youth Missions International, traveling is part of the job description. I just got back from 6 weeks in Costa Rica and leave for Peru in 2 weeks for a pre-trip. And two weeks after we get married, John will go to Brasil with a music mission team. Traveling will be a big part of our married life together.

3. It’s cool looking! Maps, globes, and the vintage-y look were all very appealing to me.

So I ran this idea past my wonderful fiancée and he liked it! Well, I think the conversation might have gone like this:

  • So that’s why I want a travel theme reception, it’ll be super cool!
  • Sure, that sounds great.
  • Really?
  • Yeah, that’s what I just said.
  • But do you really, really like it?
  • It should be cool.
  • So you don’t like it.
  • That’s not what I just said.
  • We can do something else.
  • Rose! I like it! It’s the coolest idea ever, so please don’t do anything else.
  • Yay! You do like it!
  • *John rolls eyes*
  • *Rose smiles*

And the travel theme wedding is a popular idea. Here are more examples:

Jen and Kevin’s Urban Travel Theme Wedding (Just get past the pictures with the giant cigarette… attempt to harken back to an era when smoking was sexy? Did that time exist?)

Travel Theme Wedding Reception Too bright of colors for me, but I like the stacked suitcases :)

DIY Travel Theme Wedding Banner I want to make a variation of this to hang in the reception space!

Air Mail Envelope Perhaps I can find a way to incorporate the envelope… but we did not use this save the date.

So my wedding will be travel-themed! I think my original goal of having a globe on every table will not be possible. (Globes aren’t cheap!) but here are some things I have already! And I will reveal more plans on this blog later…

Click on the thumbnails to read an explanation of each item :)

But if anyone has any globes, maps, old-style suitcases, travel books, etc that they would like to let me borrow, let me know! I will happily take help in collecting items to decorate the reception!

4 thoughts on “How I Chose a Travel Theme Reception!

  1. this is a great theme! i can’t wait to see pictures of your centerpieces! your conversation w/ fiance’ is classic…too funny!

  2. I can just hear that conversation. You’re all excited and John’s just replying in his typical matter-of-fact style. So funny!

  3. Next time you can come up here, feel free to take a look through my map collection. We also have a globe you can borrow. John is also an AAA member. They give out maps for free to members.

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